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Hashish Legality

The legality of hashish varies from nation to nation, relying on its ownership, distribution, cultivation, and (referring to healing makes use of) the mode and reason why for intake. For the primary time, the plant was once banned in the US (beginning in 1937, with the enactment of the Marijuana Tax Act, signed through President Franklin Delano Roosevelt). Therefore, the prohibition of the plant prolonged to many different nations particularly within the West. In 1996, California was once the primary state on this planet to legalize hashish for medicinal functions after the aforementioned prohibition length.

International locations that experience legalized the clinical use of hashish come with Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland and the UK. In the US, 31 federal states have legalized the clinical use of the plant.


Afghanistan: unlawful. Cultivated for hundreds of years within the nation, Mohammed Zahir Shah made it unlawful together with opium.

Albania: unlawful, prohibitionist regulation exists, alternatively there’s a top availability of Hashish crops within the nation. The regulation is steadily now not enforced.

Algeria: unlawful.

Andorra: unlawful.

Angola: unlawful, recognized in the community as diamba or liamba, there are cultivations in all provinces of the rustic.

Antigua and Barbuda: unlawful. The rustic isn’t a manufacturer, and imports the plant from Jamaica and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Argentina: prison just for ownership of as much as 5 grams of dried inflorescences for personal use.[2] Felony for medicinal functions.

Armenia: unlawful, even if there are some small cultivations within the nation, directed for native use.

Australia: unlawful in Tasmania and New South Wales, decriminalized in the remainder states. Felony for healing use.

Austria: prison for healing use, however unlawful for leisure use. Ownership of small quantities of hashish was once decriminalized in 2016. The sale of hashish seeds and crops is prison.

Azerbaijan: unlawful, however grown illegally, being traditionally used for clinical functions.


Bahamas: unlawful.

Bahrain: unlawful.

Bangladesh: unlawful, however steadily now not prosecuted. Sale was once banned in 1989. Hashish ownership is unlawful, with consequences starting from 6 to fifteen years in jail. Regardless of this, hashish is bought in lots of portions of the rustic at the fringe of legality.

Barbados: unlawful. The top call for for the plant reasons it to be imported from Jamaica and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines by way of speedboats.

Belarus: unlawful, each the use and the cultivation.

Burma: unlawful. In 2017, a tender guy was once carried out for ownership of a number of packets of hashish.

Belgium: unlawful, however decriminalized as much as 3 grams of ownership for adults. The Belgian govt has begun a analysis program aimed toward organising its clinical efficacy.

Belize: unlawful, however decriminalized as much as 10 grams. Hashish use is extremely tolerated within the nation, however ownership may end up in prison time.

Benin: Unlawful.

Bhutan: unlawful, however grows prolifically within the nation and has more than one conventional makes use of, corresponding to animal feed or textile manufacturing. Within the Dzongkha language, the textile fiber made out of hashish is known as kenam.

Bolivia: Unlawful, however decriminalized as much as 50 grams.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: unlawful. In 2016, the Minister of Affairs shaped a job drive with the aim of learning the clinical advantages of hashish.

Botswana: Unlawful. It is usually referred to as dagga within the nation.

Brazil: unlawful, however decriminalized in case of ownership of quantities lower than 20 grams, thought to be leisure use.

Brunei: Unlawful. Dealing may end up in the loss of life penalty.

Bulgaria: Unlawful. Categorised as a kind A drug, on par with heroin, cocaine, amphetamines and ecstasy.

Burkina Faso: Unlawful.

Burundi: unlawful.


Central African Republic: unlawful.

Czech Republic: It’s prison to own as much as 15 grams of Marijuana, it’s also prison to develop this plant species for private use. Sale is unlawful. Felony the use for healing functions.

Cambodia: officially unlawful, prohibition is permissive and opportunistically enforced. In Phnom Penh, the capital, there are lots of eating places that provide recipes containing hashish.

Cameroon: Unlawful to domesticate hashish sativa, the ones affected by most cancers or AIDS might use it as a painkiller.

Canada: prison for each medicinal and leisure use, on June 20, 2018 the Canadian parliament with 52 votes in prefer, 29 in opposition to and a couple of abstentions, in the course of the Hashish Act legalizes hashish for leisure functions permitting electorate to develop as much as a most of four crops at house.

Cape Verde: unlawful, however illicitly produced and trafficked.

Chad: Unlawful.

Chile: In 2005, the personal and private use of hashish was once formally decriminalized. As of 2014, cultivation for medicinal and leisure functions is permitted. The sale of cannabis-derived drugs has been prison since 2015.

China: unlawful since 1985, thought to be a damaging and narcotic drug.

Cyprus: unlawful with most penalty of 8 years for ownership (2 years on first caution and beneath 25 years of age), prison therapeutically for most cancers sufferers

Colombia: unlawful however decriminalized for ownership as much as 22 grams. You’ll possess as much as 20 crops for private intake. Felony to make use of for medicinal functions.

Comoros: unlawful. It was once made prison through Ali Soilih, 3rd president of Comoros, from 1975 to 1978.

Costa Rica: unlawful however decriminalized, hashish use is tolerated within the nation. Government don’t arrest those that deliver a small quantity (now not but specified) for private leisure use.

Croatia: unlawful however decriminalized, ownership of any quantity results in a nice of 700-3200€. Since 2015 it’s used therapeutically for most cancers topics.

Cuba: unlawful. The sale and intake for leisure functions is unlawful. Consequences get started from 2 as much as 15 years in jail.


Dominican Republic: unlawful.

Djibouti: unlawful.

Denmark: Unlawful for leisure use, alternatively the regulation isn’t steadily enforced through government. Felony for healing use. The self-declared unbiased micronation of Christiania is legendary for its hashish business.


East Timor: unlawful.

Equatorial Guinea: unlawful.

Ecuador: Unlawful, however decriminalized in instances of ownership of lower than 10 grams.

Egypt: Unlawful, however now and again the regulation isn’t enforced.

El Salvador: unlawful.

Eritrea: unlawful.

Estonia: unlawful, as much as 7.5 grams are thought to be non-public use, and are punished with a financial penalty.

Ethiopia: unlawful, in spite of being the birthplace of Rastafarianism (as some Rastafarians use it for meditative use).


Fiji: unlawful.

Finland: Unlawful. Since 2001, instances of private use don’t seem to be prosecuted, however a nice is imposed. Since 2006, the usage of hashish therapeutically has been prison beneath license. In 2014, 223 licenses had been issued.

France: unlawful. Consequences of as much as 365 days in jail are imposed at the consumer, however the Ministry of Justice (to which the prosecutors’ magistrates are subordinate) recommends that no felony prosecutions be initiated in opposition to informal customers. The police, in case of flagrant offence, can most effective interfere for deterrence functions.


Gabon: unlawful.

Gambia: unlawful.

Georgia: Felony since July 2018 (following the verdict of the Georgian Constitutional Courtroom) ownership and intake (each leisure and healing), however now not dealing.

Germany: Felony beneath 0.2% THC, decriminalized ownership of modest quantities (inside 10 grams). Felony for healing functions with a clinical prescription.

Greece: Unlawful, however if you’re in ownership of small quantities the court docket might make a decision they’re for private use. Ownership of enormous amounts may end up in a number of years of imprisonment. Felony use for healing functions.

Grenada: unlawful.

Greenland: unlawful, however in style within the nation.

Guatemala: unlawful.

Guinea: unlawful.

Guinea-Bissau: unlawful.

Guyana: unlawful, ownership of greater than 15 grams is regarded as drug trafficking.


Haiti: unlawful.

Hungary: Unlawful. There’s no difference between comfortable and tough medicine; eating hashish carries a penalty equivalent to heroin use.

Honduras: unlawful.

Hong Kong: Unlawful.


Ivory Coast: unlawful.

India: unlawful on the federal stage, tolerated or prison within the states of Bihar, Orissa, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, and the ones within the northeast. Decriminalized in Gujarat.

Indonesia: unlawful since 1927.

Iran: unlawful, however now not prosecuted. In 1989, the Iranian govt established a loss of life penalty for someone possessing greater than 5 kilograms of cannabis.

Iraq: unlawful.

Eire: unlawful.

Iceland: unlawful, banned in 1969.

Israel: unlawful, clinical use is most effective licensed through the Ministry of Well being, which evaluates every person case, however consent is steadily now not issued.

Italy: Unlawful to promote (even at no cost), however now not the ownership for private use, which is most effective an administrative offense punishable through nice, however that doesn’t stain the felony file. With a view to decide whether or not the ownership is for private use or for switch to 3rd events, the pass judgement on evaluates every person case to decree whether or not it will possibly fall beneath the criterion of “non-public use”, allowing for the volume discovered, the imaginable presence of money and gear for dosing and packaging the substance. With a judgment of nineteen/12/2019, the Superb Courtroom dominated that cultivation does now not represent a criminal offense whether it is “of minimum measurement and performed in a home shape, via rudimentary practices and on a small choice of crops”. It’s as a substitute allowed the sale of Hashish mild , with most threshold of narcotic theory (THC) set between 0.2% and zero.6%.


Jamaica: Felony ownership as much as 56.60 grams and cultivation as much as 5 crops. Rastafarians (since there are lots of individuals in Jamaica) can use, possess and domesticate hashish with none restrictions inside puts of worship. The regulation was once handed on February 25, 2015.

Japan: unlawful all arrangements containing THC since 1948, following a regulation offered through US career forces on the finish of International Battle II.

Jordan: unlawful.


Kazakhstan: unlawful.

Kenya: unlawful.

Kiribati: unlawful.

Kosovo: unlawful.

Kuwait : unlawful, ownership carries a penalty of two years imprisonment to the loss of life penalty.

Kyrgyzstan: unlawful.


Laos: unlawful, however now not prosecuted. Use in public is punishable through 365 days in jail. As of 2009, a loss of life penalty is equipped for some instances. Regardless of the prohibitionist regulation, some hashish markets are in style within the nation.

Lesotho: Unlawful, however tolerated. In 2000, it was once estimated that greater than 70% of South Africa’s hashish got here from Lesotho. In 2017, it was the primary African state to grant a license to develop hashish for medicinal functions. Latvia: unlawful, ownership of modest quantities will also be sanctioned with 15 years in jail. Ownership of multiple gram supplies a nice of 280€.

Lebanon: unlawful. Cannabis has been unlawful since 1926, hashish cultivation since 1992.

Liberia: unlawful.

Libya: unlawful.

Liechtenstein: unlawful.

Lithuania: unlawful.

Luxembourg: Felony ownership and use for clinical functions, equipped the consumer is an grownup and does now not contain minors.


Marshall Islands: unlawful.

Macao: unlawful.

Madagascar: unlawful, however produced and ate up in the community

Malawi: unlawful, however broadly cultivated.

Malaysia: unlawful. There’s a loss of life penalty mandate for drug traffickers. Individuals in ownership of 15 grams of heroin or 200 grams of Marijuana are thought to be traffickers.

Maldives: unlawful.

Mali: unlawful.

Malta: Unlawful however decriminalized ownership as much as 3.5 grams. Felony to make use of for medicinal functions.

Mauritania: unlawful.

Mauritius: unlawful.

Morocco: unlawful. Then again, it’s the biggest manufacturer and exporter of cannabis on this planet.

Mexico: unlawful, however decriminalized for private use. Felony for medicinal functions, however provided that the plant has a THC content material of lower than 1%. 4 other folks have got (after an attraction to the Superb Courtroom) an administrative authorization from the Executive that lets them legally domesticate and eat hashish for leisure functions.

Micronesia: Unlawful.

Moldova: Unlawful, however decriminalized.

Monaco: unlawful.

Mongolia: unlawful.

Montenegro: unlawful.

Mozambique: unlawful.


Netherlands: Felony, consistent with particular laws; see “Netherlands Drug Coverage”.

North Macedonia: unlawful, with a penalty of three months to five years imprisonment. Healing use of the plant was once legalized in 2016.

Namibia: unlawful.

Nepal: unlawful. Hashish was unlawful within the nation all over the Maha Shivaratri.

Nicaragua: unlawful.

Niger: unlawful.

Nigeria: unlawful.

Norway: Leisure use is unlawful. Healing use is prison.

North Korea: unlawful the use and sale consistent with Swedish diplomat, resident in North Korea, Torkel Stiernlof are unlawful, even if it sort of feels that the usage of hemp is tolerated through the agricultural inhabitants.

New Zealand: unlawful (the Ministry of Well being has said {that a} clinical use isn’t excluded, however additional research and a technique for right kind law are wanted). The Well being Committee of the New Zealand Parliament recommends easing hashish rules and making cannabis-based drugs to be had.


Oman: Unlawful.


Philippines: Unlawful. Ownership, importation and sale of hashish are sentenced to lifestyles imprisonment and a nice.

Pakistan: unlawful, however most often now not prosecuted.

Palau: unlawful.

Panama: unlawful.

Papua New Guinea: unlawful.

Paraguay: unlawful, however decriminalized as much as 10 grams.

Peru: unlawful. Felony use for healing functions.

Poland: Unlawful importation, manufacturing, sale and ownership. Ownership is punishable through as much as 3 years’ imprisonment, whilst sale is punishable through as much as 10 years’ imprisonment. Sale to a minor is a criminal punishable through 3 to fifteen years imprisonment.

Portugal: Decriminalized ownership since 2001, purchasing and promoting is a criminal.


Qatar: unlawful.


Rep. of Congo: unlawful. Hashish is referred to as mbanga within the nation.

Romania: unlawful.

Russia: unlawful, however ownership as much as 6 grams is decriminalized.

Rwanda: unlawful.


Saudi Arabia: unlawful. Use and ownership are sentenced with a minimal sentence of 6 months in jail. Trafficking in hashish may end up in the loss of life penalty.

Solomon Islands: unlawful.

San Marino: unlawful except for for healing use, San Marino’s political birthday party San Marino 3.0 has proposed to legalize hashish and all comfortable medicine with a referendum all over San Marino’s 2012 political elections.

Saint Kitts and Nevis: unlawful.

Saint Lucia: unlawful.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: unlawful.

Samoa: unlawful.

Sao Tome and Principe: unlawful.

Senegal: unlawful.

Serbia: unlawful. Ownership is punishable through a nice or imprisonment for 3 years. Cultivation is punishable through imprisonment for six months to five years.

Seychelles : unlawful.

Sierra Leone: unlawful, banned since 1920.

Singapore: unlawful, banned since 1870. In case you are in ownership of 500 grams of hashish, you’re thought to be a drug broker, with a imaginable loss of life penalty.

Syria: Unlawful. A reporter in ownership of hashish was once jailed for lifestyles through the federal government of Bashar al-Assad.

Slovakia: Unlawful. Ownership of small quantities is punishable through as much as 8 years imprisonment.

Slovenia: Unlawful, however decriminalized. Pharmaceutical use is prison for an quantity of THC lower than 0.2%.

Somalia: unlawful.

Spain: Felony for private cultivation, which may also be finished jointly (in Hashish Social Golf equipment) and intake in personal puts.

Sri Lanka: Unlawful, however leisure use decriminalized. Healing use has been prison since 1980, as has cultivation.

South Africa: Unlawful to shop for and promote. Felony for medicinal functions. Felony for intake and private cultivation for leisure functions.

Sudan: Unlawful.

South Sudan: Unlawful.

Suriname: Unlawful.

Sweden: Unlawful.

Switzerland: Unlawful ownership and cultivation of hashish as a narcotic (THC >1%). Legalization experiments had been and are being carried out in some cantons. Switzerland voted on a well-liked initiative to decriminalize the usage of hemp on November 30, 2008, nevertheless it was once rejected through Swiss electorate with 63.2% in opposition to. Since January 1, 2012, within the cantons of Vaud, Geneva, Neuchâtel and Fribourg, it’s allowed to develop as much as 5 crops in line with individual of their house, however with a THC content material of lower than 1%, i.e. mild hashish.


Taiwan: unlawful, ownership carries about 3 years in jail.

Tajikistan: unlawful.

Tanzania: unlawful.

Thailand: unlawful, however steadily now not prosecuted. Ownership, cultivation, and transportation of a amount of 10 kg or extra leads to a most sentence of five years in jail, or a nice.

Trinidad and Tobago: unlawful.

Togo: Unlawful.

Tonga: unlawful.

Tunisia: unlawful since 1953. Use or ownership carries from 1 to five years imprisonment, along with a penalty of roughly 1000-3000 Tunisian dinars.

Turkey: unlawful to make use of. Cultivation for clinical functions is prison in 19 provinces of the rustic. Ownership, acquire or receipt of any amount is punishable through 5 to ten years in jail. Trafficking is punishable through a minimal sentence of 10 years in jail.

Turkmenistan: unlawful.

Tuvalu: unlawful.


United States: unlawful to make use of on the federal stage for any reason why, alternatively 29 states and the District of Columbia have handed regulation considering exemption from prohibition for clinical use. In November 2012, electorate within the states of Colorado and Washington selected to legalize non-public use as much as one ounce (28.35 g) and enforce licenses for leisure cultivation and distribution. In November 2014, Alaska, Oregon, and the District of Columbia additionally legalized leisure hashish gross sales; those had been joined through California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada following the November 2016 Referendum. As of January 2018, Vermont was the 9th U.S. state to legalize leisure hashish, and the primary to take action through parliamentary motion. Illinois has pop out in prefer of legalization, which can be formally carried out in January 2020.

United Kingdom: unlawful (in 1998 the Space of Lords beneficial that hashish be made to be had for clinical use through prescription. After some scientific trials, the federal government didn’t settle for the advice). Not too long ago, non-public house use has been decriminalized.

United Arab Emirates: unlawful

Uganda: unlawful.

Ukraine: unlawful, however decriminalized ownership as much as 5 grams. Cultivation is decriminalized as much as ten crops.

Uruguay: Uruguay was once the primary state on this planet to legalize the cultivation and sale of Marijuana in December 2013, making it a state monopoly.


Vatican Town: unlawful.

Venezuela: Unlawful. Ownership of about 20 grams is punished with a jail sentence of 1-2 years.

Vietnam: unlawful, however steadily decriminalized.


Yemen: unlawful.


Zambia: unlawful. Cultivation is prison you probably have a license issued through the Minister of Well being.

Zimbabwe: unlawful. Healing use is prison.

“Via regulating Marijuana, we will put black marketplace drug sellers into bankruptcy and do away with the rebellious attract that pulls younger other folks”.

(Sal Albanese)

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