Why I won’t be getting in shape this year

Shaping upI have felt a little rant coming on for a while. Is anyone else sick of reading about getting in shape? Headlines promoting “How to shape up for Summer”. These days we are bombarded with it. In the good old days it was just tv and magazines which was bad enough but now these getting in shape advocates are able to visit us via social media. No where is safe.

The whole body pressure thing is full on enough. Thigh gaps (yes – it’s a thing). People chasing the desire to be skinny (that’s just crazy talk and I can’t fathom why anyone would activity want to achieve skinny #nofun #bony). Getting fitter, stronger, healthier, that I get. But it’s the getting in shape buzz I find interesting.

What is this shape they speak of? Aren’t we already IN a shape? Seriously what the feck does that even mean? It makes me feel like I should be a square, triangle … something measurable that will be consistent with all squares and triangles right? Which would be entirely achievable if I was, say a square or triangle.

Apart from the obvious argument of how fecking boring it would be if we all looked the same, “in shape” as they say, it makes a mockery of this beautiful ability, we as a species, have to be unique. We are all colourful, special and ourselves. A nice mixed bag of fascinating. It really seems ludicrous for it to be something we need to achieve. I personally can boast that I have been in shape since before I was born. Yes mam, I’m constantly in shape and frankly find it quite easy to achieve.

We value DNA as a form of identification because of its ability to be unique. Our fingerprints, retinas and teeth, all so distinctive to our individuality, that they can be used to identify us. We are all made up of an amazing concoction that make us who we are ….. and then we spend a huge chunk of our time here on earth trying to match a “shape”. WTF? It seems time could be much better spent finding healthy pursuits for mind and body that make us feel like Kings and Queen’s of our empires. Not chasing some impossibility. I mean really it is impossible. Example: Unless you are Jessica Alba (feel free to insert the shape of your choice in here) regardless of what you eat, or how much you move, you are never ever going to be the same shape as Jessica Alba. Seriously, you can have the tightest organic fuelled tushie out there and you will still be you with a tight tush. All power to you and your glutes, your cardio fitness and your skinny jeans but you thankfully will still be you.

And let’s not undervalue our brains here. Using a term like getting in shape is NOT about fitness, it is clearly referencing conforming to something the marketing departments and international fashion houses have decreed for us. Now, I’m not for one minute saying you should all spend the rest of your days on the couch with a packet of cheese and bacon balls. By all means get out there. Enjoy this gorgeous planet. Get fitter, healthier, stronger but do this because it make you feel amazing and makes you ready to take on the universe. You are already “in shape”. Tick that one off your to do list.

I know I’m being pedantic but it grates on me that we feel this pressure and miss out on opportunities because of it.  The number of girls and women that say to me that they’d love to have photos taken of themselves but are waiting until they are “in shape”. Mum’s that would dearly love family photos but just do the kids because they are not “in shape”. We simply don’t know how long we are here so we all need to stop waiting for this magical time which will be just right. Your kids are not getting smaller, make sure you exist in those family photos. Don’t jump out of the frame if hubby wants to take a snap. Don’t hide in the selfie with the girls. They don’t have to be professional shots just get in the moment. Get in the photo. Capture it. Live your life. If you do want professional shots I can help you look your fabulous best in the wonderful you shape you are now. And, you can always do another photo shoot at a later date when you feel you are the Queen of your empire, but don’t miss out while you get there. You ARE in shape. It may not be commercially acceptable but don’t be extinct in your own life because someone existing on coffee and cigarettes on the other side of the world made a call. Aim to be fitter, healthier and stronger but don’t forget to just also BE in the meantime, you shapely thing you.

If you need more inspiration to be you and embrace YOUR shape I firmly suggest you check out the very excellent work of Taryn Brumfitt at http://bodyimagemovement.com.au 




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