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Why I won’t be getting in shape this year

article click over here now homme rencontre femme russe buy Viagra 130 mg in Olathe Kansas site rencontre pour mariage musulman link 100 free couple dating sites flirten ohne registrieren https://www.orthodonticpartners.net/mirtyew/1919 read Shaping upI have felt a little rant coming on for a while. Is anyone else sick of reading about getting in shape? Headlines promoting “How to shape up for Summer”. These days we are bombarded with it. In the good old days it was just tv and magazines which was bad enough but now these getting in shape advocates are able to visit us via social media. No where is safe.

The whole body pressure thing is full on enough. Thigh gaps (yes – it’s a thing). People chasing the desire to be skinny (that’s just crazy talk and I can’t fathom why anyone would activity want to achieve skinny #nofun #bony). Getting fitter, stronger, healthier, that I get. But it’s the getting in shape buzz I find interesting. Continue Reading