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2015 Photography – New Year, here we are

Beach, Palm trees Clifton Beach, Queensland


site de rencontre vendee Here we are. It has been a slow start to my working year (and in all honesty it’s not really going to fire up until the kids are back at school) but I did feel compelled to write a post and start the year off right. The last 6 months of 2014 were incredibly busy so writing, along with exercise, healthy eating and numerous other things, got prioritised down the to-do-list ….… right under “start 2015”!The Lagoon, Cairns

speed dating erfahrungen hamburg Dragon Fly, Cairns, QueenslandI have just come back from a fantastic 3 week holiday with family and friends in Cairns, Far North Queensland. It was hot. Really, really, hot and humid. The type of weather where there is no thought needed about what you are going to wear (as little as possible or bathers is the answer for those who have not done the tropics) and makeup is a ridiculous concept (you are either perspiring or swimming). Weather that by the time you have finished l yourself off after a shower you have worked up a sweat. For me, this sweaty, fragrant, beautiful, environment brings a certain relaxation that you can’t find anywhere else. A defined lowering of my care factor about fashion, hair … time, and a necessity to just go with what the day brings.Green Island, Queensland - snorkelling It’s too damn hot – just bring me a cold beer or an icy wine, happy swimming kids and I’m all good. A cheese platter doesn’t go astray either.

visite site I also got to hang with my brother who has lived in Cairns now longer than he didn’t . He’s an ex chef that given a kitchen and some ingredients can seem to make wine out of water. Let’s just say we ate well and we were grateful for the shared job of providing for the large tribe that was there most days and his expertise with catering for numbers. Being a local he also provided us with some truly memorable experiences and places we would never have found on our own. My kids fished in the Daintree, we resorted it in Port Douglas, played with butterflies in Kuranda and swam in a crater lake. We snorkelled with turtles and played at some of the most beautiful waterfalls.Kuranda, Butterfly House, Far North Queensland

conocer gente normal madrid At risk of sounding like an ad for FNQ tourism it is an absolute jewel of a place. If you have not been get ye there ASAP.

bip 41 rencontre Now that I have returned and washed away the frizzy hair, layers of sunscreen and perspiration I feel quite refreshed and ready to hit 2015. I am feeling very excited about what this year will bring. My youngest is starting school (don’t ask me about that: I warn you, I will cry). I’m not ready to face that reality and I will miss her at home more than I can say but I also know that it opens up opportunities to explore my photography and do more of what I love. I would really like to hear about theFishing, Queensland types of sessions you would like so Facebook me, comment below, email me. I’m so looking forward to getting creative with this year’s sessions.

my sources I hope you have all had a good Xmas and managed to find some pockets of relaxation, and quality time with family and friends. I have a very good feeling about this year so let get into it.

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Playing with Photography effects

Okay, as promised here are some more stylised shots from my location shoot yesterday. Usually I love lots of contrast and vivid sharp colour so have been playing with a softer effect with a stand out colour (red for today). Yesterdays stormy weather here was perfect to get that soft flat light needed so would love some feedback on what you think? Do you like this look?

One Plus None Equals One

Beach Panorama

Last week I did something I haven’t done in 15 years. In fact, maybe I have never done it. It’s not in the memory bank. It was such a guilty pleasure and I did need to have a shower afterwards but my goodness it was good. Here we go ……. I went to the beach. …. on my own. There. It’s out. This may not sound particularly ground breaking to some but I imagine there are stay at home parents everywhere that know where I am going with this. Being the mother of three young children, one of whom is a gorgeous tornado of a toddler, this was indeed a rare moment. It was under an hour but nevertheless it felt indulgent.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am blessed with a doting mother who takes my tornado for a fair chunk of the day every Thursday.  I usually spend it racing around cleaning/shopping/organising/working/trying to find bench space. I also marvel at the ease in which these things can happen without my little shadow, but this frenzied activity is always done with an equally frenzied mind and an eye on the clock.  Last week however, oh that golden hour, I took a splice of day for me. My mind still wandered to my long to-do-list. I was acutely aware that I was on a time frame. But while I mulled these things over I basked, bobbed and bathed myself in salt and sun. No interruptions. No cacophony of noise and technology. No building sand castles or playing beach cricket, or worrying about hats and sunscreen. Just one towel and my own thoughts.One on the Beach

I was amazed at how freeing and enjoyable it felt. I wondered why I never done this before. It suddenly felt so important to take some real me time and yet interestingly the underlying sensation I had was guilt. It was the mummy equivalent of chucking a sick day. I actually felt naughty. It felt like some little secret I should keep to myself. As a parent, particularly mums (sorry boys) we put our wants and needs behind everything and everyone else. So much so that when I took an hour to do something that was purely about me I felt indulgent, selfish and somehow like I was letting the team down. I think the crux of the guilt lies in doing something that my family likes to do. I wasn’t exercising or getting a haircut or doing any of the others things that I am lucky enough to fit into my schedule but blur into the ‘need’ category for me. (Think of it as community service.) This little beach visit was a blatant ‘want’.

Well here I am with my big girl panties firmly in place and claiming some time to be me. I’m putting it out there. I went to the beach on my own and loved it! Thoroughly enjoyed it, and intend to do it more often. I was in awesome company, me, myself and I and yes, some jobs didn’t get done but unsurprisingly they waited for me. The world continued to turn that day and seemed just that little bit brighter.