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Bianca’s Moment [Adelaide Photography]

Bianca's Moment [Adelaide Photography,

blog here Mum's Moment Adelaide PhotographyLast week I got to spend a fantastic, and eye opening, afternoon with an amazing family. As you have all been so avidly following my posts (right?) you will know that I decided to run a little project in the lead up to mother’s day and get people to nominate a mum who has it pretty tough and would be really deserving of winning a bit of a pamper and some photos. I had some amazing letters but Bianca Henderson was chosen as the recipient of the package. Bianca is mum to Declan who has a rare form of Epilepsy. It was so great to meet Bianca and then her husband and Declan. To do Bianca’s family justice I’ve split this story into two parts and will share the family photos in a second post so firstly I will focus just on Bianca’s Moment.


i was reading this Bianca’s afternoon started with some hair styling by the lovely Jacki Hann (Jacki’s Hairdressing) who was being very shy and hiding from the camera but did a lovely job of making Bianca’s hair a glossy mane. I am always in awe of the job hairdressers do with the straighteners as I can never ever achieve this with my own hair. I blame low dexterity and patience. Here is a bit of before and after action of Bianca’s locks.

https://craniumapparel.co/lisobact/2768  With her hair done we whizzed Bianca off for a makeup session with Collette (Endless Beauty by Collette) where Bianca had to sit patiently, unable to see the work in progress, until the big reveal at the end.  This has got to be a little disconcerting when you can hear a camera clicking away. I can’t thank Jacki and Collette enough for donating their time and expertise for this project and making Bianca look so beautiful. When I came up with the idea for this project I wanted to give a mum a break from the ordinary and felt like we achieved this.  As you will see below Bianca looked incredible and I think it’s safe to say that it was not how she usually spent a Sunday afternoon.

parque del capricho como llegar Bianca-4 Bianca-6 Bianca-13 Bianca-15 Bianca-9

http://mediarocker.de/?klementer=norden-dating&eae=f6 Bianca-18

sites de rencontre cible  

Finding time and yourself

http://highschool.isq.edu.mx/cr45/1679/assets/js/ie/14 Autumn 2014-10Phew, it’s been a busy May. It has gone so fast and so packed with action but I can hardly remember what we did. Just an exhausted blur at the moment and that underlying nagging of all the things I still have to do and the list of things I had intended on starting but didn’t. Sometimes it all seem quite overwhelming.

Like most mum’s I struggle to get my work/home life balanced, mostly because I generally work from home unless I’m actually shooting. Being a work at home mum is a pretty tough gig. Yes, there is the huge advantage of flexible hours and I can do it in my trackies, but it requires a lot of discipline. Leaving the house to work gives you a sense of separation and purpose that I think working from home doesn’t give you. When I’m working from home, I think “Oh I’ll just throw a load of washing on” and then my brain enters the “Holy crap … I’ve got a hundred things on this week” zone. I’d better also do that grocery shopping, and iron that shirt, and Billie has a friend coming to play on Tuesday so I need to have healthy snacks, notes to go back to school, present for the party on the weekend, bills, vacuuming, cleaning, zzzzzzzz…….. Don’t get me wrong,Autumn 2014-12 I know everybody has these things to get done, and working mum’s run around madly doing them during lunch breaks and on weekends. I’m getting more at the mind-set of working from home that makes us (certainly me) feel like we still have to do the whole job of a stay-at-home mum as well as trying to work from home. It takes a lot of discipline and understanding from family and friends to support you working on your business through the day, especially when you are not yet bringing in the big bucks. Getting respect for trying to BUILD a business is a different thing. Money is the one currency that people understand. If you head off to work and receive a salary then you are contributing and receiving validation. When you are working from home, when the housework is falling behind because you are busy trying to build your business, but you’ve only made $200 this week, well, this comes with reservations about the value of it from others. They are not seeing the bigger picture – just the bills and the piles of unfolded laundry.

I over commit myself because I want to be it all. I feel like I need to have the perfectly kept house because I am at home but I also want to build my beautiful business and grow as a photographer, as that makes me happy and I feel has been waiting in the wings for far too long. I want to be the absolutely best mum out there and volunteer at school, go on excursions, cook wholesome meals, let them experience the sports/ventures that might fill there souls down the track. I want to feel like I am contributing to the household income and being a great wife, but in doing so I always feel like I am doing a half job of everything. It appears (despite what my pants tell you) there is just not enough of me to go around. Certainly not enough hours in the day for me to get all my ideas off the ground.

Feeling so short on time made me conscious of how I was spending my time and what was bringing me down. I guess also with my youngest heading to school next year it feels like a natural progression to start thinking about what I want my future to look like. So in the last 12 months I have tried to concentrate more on where I need to be and felt I had a lot more direction, and have spent less time accommodating everybody outside my family. It has come at a cost as not everybody likes change. Some people’s roles in my life have reduced and some awesome people have entered it. It’s all about being myself and being allowed to change and welcoming all that comes with it.Autumn 2014-3

I have no regrets. In fact I feel stronger and braver because of it. The people who fill me up are with me and I feel like I am on the right track. I feel like I am starting to find out where I am headed. This does make me scoff a little at having to pick subjects at school for my future .. in year 10 … at what.. 14 years old? #noidea. It’s taken me another 26 years to work out what I want to be when I grow up! And even then I’m pretty sure that’s going to continue to evolve. In the mean time I am doing the best I can, loving my children, enjoying my business, trying to be the best version of me.

Autumn 2014-9So I am working on surrounding myself with positive people who support the journey and are on one themselves. Nothing better than sharing a ride with someone else right? But I still haven’t found those extra hours in the day so now I’m working on my ‘no’ muscle. Someone posted about this recently and it hit a chord with me, the concept of using this muscle more often. Only accepting work and commitments that I feel connected with and excited about.

I’m also working on time blocking my diary. This is not a new concept but not something I have exercised at home.  I live by my calendar but I only have been putting in work/school/kindy/sports/social commitments. For this day forth (sounds official right?) I am putting exercise and kids time in my calendar. I am time blocking those suckers in so they are not the things that gives way to everything else. It’s in the diary as a commitment. So by blocking in some “official” time I get a bit for me, work and a big chunk for my kids and hopefully a bit more balance all around. Time to stop putting myself last – it’s exhausting and not really any good for my family either. Grumpy, tired mummies are bad news.

My husband has been studying so I recently blocked out some time to take the kids to Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens. It’s become one of my favourite places and absolutely in its element in Autumn. This weather recently has been incredible and it seems amazing that we were up there in May … in t-shirts, but I’m not complaining. We had so much fun playing in the leaves and the extra sunshine does wonders for the soul. It reminds me how awesome the journey is and how lucky I am to have all the incredible things I have in my life.signature-with-red2

Autumn 2014-6Autumn 2014-4OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAutumn 2014-7


Mother’s Day: Bianca and Declan’s story

Mum's Moment Adelaide Photography

Adelaide Photo Session Giveaway

Mother’s Day is nearly here and so my Mum’s Moment project is coming to an end. It is going to be really tough to pick one mum to receive the photo session and pre shoot shimmer up.

Mum’s always seem to put themselves last so I hope that this Sunday you all get a bit of pampering and your families remind you how important you are and what an awesome job you are doing in this extremely tough job called ‘motherhood’. If your day starts steering towards the norm, time to pull up the reigns, scream “whoa nelly”, sit somewhere comfortable and demand to be celebrated. In saying that, my mother’s day this year will consist of standing on an oval for the morning watching my son play football, followed by celebrating my youngest’s birthday. This year her 5th birthday falls right on mother’s day making it a bit of nightmare trying to organise a birthday party (will be on a bit of a delay). But we will share the 11th and I will enjoying watching her enjoy her big day.

My last mum to be featured for Mum’s Moment is Bianca. She has another one of those life stories that leaves me in awe of people and amazed at their coping skills. Bianca is mum to 9 year old Declan. At the age of 3.5 years Declan had a seizure which resulted in him being diagnosed with an extremely rare epilepsy syndrome called F.I.R.E.S – Febrile Infection Related Epilepsy Syndrome.

This condition is so rare that it only affects 1 in every 1 million children worldwide and I have to say I found it really difficult finding straight forward information about it (non medical lingo). Even on the Epilepsy Australia website I couldn’t find anything specifically on F.I.R.E.S describing the syndrome, reinforcing the fact that it is something that needs to be brought to our attention. It may well be there, but the fact that it was hard to find says that few people are aware of its existance. Previous names include AERRPS, DESC (Devastating Epileptic encephalopathy in School-aged Children), and NORSE (New-Onset Refractory Status Epilepticus)

What I do know is about how it has affected Declan and his family: “Declan’s epilepsy has left him with many challenges in daily life. Declan has daily seizures, global development delay, speech and communication difficulties, coordination problems, behaviour issues, autistic traits, and many side effects from medication. Unfortunately Declan is not a candidate for brain surgery. Instead he has had a VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulator) implanted in April 2012 to try to help him get better seizure control”

What causes F.I.R.E.S is currently unknown but it seems to affect more boys than girls and comes to light between the ages of 3-15. Treatment involves a heck of a lot of medication to manage seizures, but which appear to not be super effective.

Watching your child suffer this type of condition must be heartbreaking and the effect on the whole family completely life altering. Bianca has been nominated by an ex neighbour and friend Nicolle, who wrote and told me that Declan’s epilepsy has left him requiring a wheelchair and with him heading towards 10 he is getting too heavy to be lifting in and out of their car. So at the moment the family are heads down trying to fundraise so they can afford to purchase a modified vehicle suitable for Declan’s needs. It would be magic if you could support the family in this important and life changing venture. Having a wheelchair friendly vehicle would open up so many avenues for them. The are selling entertainment books and they have a facebook page to support the families venture http://www.facebook.com/drivingdeclan and if you love a good quiz night they are holding one on the 26th July at West Adelaide Football Club $10 per person, 10 to a table. Link to the event is as follows https://m.facebook.com/events/520139371425598

Thank you so much to Nicolle for nominating Bianca and bringing Declan’s story to me and I wish them every success in their endeavour to raise money for the vehicle.

Just as a little side note … and because I learnt all sort of things on the epilepsy web site (http://www.epilepsycentre.org.au/) here is something important we should all have some idea about that gives you first aid information specific for someone have an epileptic seizure. First aid poster





Mother’s Day when your arms are empty – Mum’s Moment Project

Adelaide Photo Session GiveawayThis project is moving me beyond words but I’ve scraped up some with the help of an email I received from Sarah. The email threw me, as things do that you’ve never had to consider for yourself, but there was absolutely no question that I should feature it as this weeks nomination for my Mum’s Moment Project.

Sarah wrote to me nominating her friend Kellie but she wasn’t sure whether Kellie would be eligible, even though Sarah felt she should be. I could not agree more so here is Kellie’s story.

Around ten months ago Kellie delivered a beautiful little girl who was still at birth. [Just typing this sets off the tears]. She and her husband have tried for a number of years to fall pregnant and had to endure two miscarriages early in previous pregnancies. So you can imagine that when their little “miracle” made it through the first trimester, then the second and then full term that they where ecstatic. At just over 38 weeks Kellie became aware that she had not felt any movement for a while and was hit with the devastating news that the doctors could no longer find a heart beat. Then to endure the torment of birthing her beloved baby girl [Abby] and the bittersweetness of getting to see her and hold her …… and then have to say goodbye.

Needless to say, Kellie has had a rough time of it and Sarah would love to see her get something special and remind her that despite not being able to watch Abby grow up that she is absolutely her mum and absolutely deserves to be honoured on Mother’s Day.

A mother’s love for her unborn child can be ferocious and consuming. All the ideals and plans for the future, all that protective mother lion love that goes into these little beings from the time they are just embryos means you are a Mum regardless of if and how long you got to cradle your baby. Medical science might say otherwise but I believe you are a mum from the moment you pee on that stick or get confirmation from your doctor. If this baby has been long wanted, then he or she has been around in your heart and mind even before that confirmation. You are a mum.

Six babies are born still everyday in Australia. If you or someone you know needs information you can go to http://www.sandssa.org here in South Australia or http://www.stillbirthfoundation.org.au. Both websites offer support, information and you can donate to help find a cause for stillbirth and support bereaved parents.  Sands South Australia supports not only families affected by stillbirth but also miscarriage, neonatal death, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy and genetic/medically advised termination. Any parents or family that have suffered the death of a baby from conception into infancy.

I know a number of families who have suffered the death of a child and know that unless you have walked in those shoes you just can not imagine the pain, anguish and emptiness that comes with life without their little people. We can have sympathy for their sadness and grief but never understand what each day brings for those parents now. Thank you so much to Sarah for nominating Kellie and bringing her story to us. Undeniably Mother’s Day is going to be extremely tough but I hope those around Kellie, and all the Mum’s that have endured the nightmare, honour them as the Mum’s they are.

If you would like to nominate somebody you can do so here:

Introducing Teagan – Mum’s Moment Project Giveaway: Photo Session/Hair/Makeup/Nails

Mum's Moment AdelaideThis week the new entry into my Mum’s Moment photo shoot is Teagan. This deserving mum has been nominated by her own mum Linda, which I love.

Teagan has had a very rocky road of late and was diagnosed with breast cancer last year when she was just 27 years old and with a baby boy only 14 months old. She was diagnosed after finding a small lump on one of her breasts. The lump was removed and doctors performed a sentinel node biopsy. Teagan’s world turned upside down when the results from the node testing came back positive for cancer. She went from enjoying her little boy and planning another pregnancy to having to organise to have her eggs frozen and schedules of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Further testing for Teagan has also shown that she is a carrier of the BRCA1 gene which means that a precautionary double mastectomy is also on the cards to ensure long term survival.

“The BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations are two mutations known to be associated with hereditary breast cancer. Women who carry these mutations can also be at increased risk of developing ovarian cancer.”

“If you have a strong family history of breast cancer – that is two or more first-degree (mother, sister, daughter) or second-degree (grandmother, aunt, niece) relatives on the same side of the family who have been diagnosed with breast cancer – there is a chance your family may carry a breast cancer gene mutation”

“While breast cancer is considered a woman’s disease, it can affect men and the BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations can be passed through the father’s side of the family as well as the mother’s.”


Her treatment has been successful and things are looking good for Teagan. She and her partner Geoff are looking forward to being able to add another little person to their tribe, however it’s obviously been a traumatic experience and Teagan’s mum would love to see her receive something a bit special and a chance for some photos with her Geoff and little boy Jack.

If you have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer make sure you speak to your GP and keep a regular check on your own breasts. For more information you can check out the National Breast Cancer Foundation website which has a wealth of information and support.

And, as it happens the wonderful Aussie music legend Chrissy Amphlett has left her legacy this week with the launch of the I Touch Myself Project. Chrissy passed away a year ago, having battled Breast Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis.

rencontre femme cherche homme If you have someone you think deserves to be nominated for the Mum’s Moment Project. Nominate them on the form belowMother's Day mum's moment project



Mother’s Day: Time to celebrate all the mums and a little bit of Autumn colour thrown in [2014 Adelaide Photography Session]

Young girl and tulle in the autumn vines-1-2Sharing something a little personal tonight on the blog and raising a glass to pay tribute to all the generations of mums

I have a number of things on the go, namely a mother’s day offer and my very special Mum’s Moment Project. If you haven’t checked them out, then I’d love you to follow the links at the bottom to find out more and share. There is a definite theme going and it’s about celebrating mum’s. My Mum’s Moment Project felt like something that had been brewing for such a long time. Too many mum’s, sisters, daughters, aunts having a tough time. I’m not a doctor, accountant or therapist. I can’t offer any medical or financial solutions but what I can do is give them some memories to hold onto which is why I decided to launch this project. And I know how mum’s generally hate to be in front of the camera  so I organised some truly awesome women to help spruce them up before the session. Namely Sheridan Gordon, Jacki Hann and Collette Afar. If you need some sprucing up yourself I firmly suggest you get in touch with these ladies ’cause they are not only amazing at what they do but pretty damn cool in their own right.

Moving along, tonight’s post is very personal and is linked with mums. At the start of this year I lost my beautiful Grandmother. Last grandparent standing on both sides of my family and intrinsic in my life and later on that of my children. I wish they had been old enough to really remember grandparents on both sides of the family but as it stands my maternal Grandmother was the most involved in their lives. Grandma was tiny and quietly feisty, never one to make a fuss or put anyone else out, but somehow still able to hold her ground. Growing up it was my Grandfather who instilled the discipline and yet it is the memory of my grandmother getting cross with me for not finishing my peas that stands out in my mind, maybe because her manner was usually so un-confrontational that this sticks with me (I now do eat peas… just saying).

Due to my parents unwavering care of my grandmother and her undeniable spirit, she was a fixture in all our lives over the years and she lived out over 100 of them.

Hell yes, ONE frick’n HUNDRED!

We are talking letter from the Queen, Prime Minister, Governor, type birthday.

When she finally was taken down after a brave battle following a stroke she was 6 days short of celebrating her 101st birthday. Despite the inevitability of her departure (when you hit 100 you’ve gotta figure you’re on borrowed time right?), it was still such a loss and a sudden conclusion to having four generations often together. Upon her passing, as it happens, there is the unavoidable cleaning up of apartments and personal belongings. This in itself has been a journey for my mother and her siblings. A woman who was born into war, and enduring rationing, an army wife, and a changing world becomes adept at cautious, measured behaviour and fear at showing too much, but in her death her sentimentality has been unveiled with findings that we never knew existed. A saved wedding dress, diaries and letter. Moments into a world we will never experience.

It is these things that make me want to provide a memory box for my children and their children. Things that they are too young to value now but will mean so much down the track. I feel like photos give me one of those outlets to not only show them through my eyes how I see them but having something they can also pass on to their children. The photos taken below are of my 10-year-old daughter. She is so spirited and original and full to the brim of ideas. She is symbolic of all the enthusiasm and idealism of youth. So these photos mean so much to me. They are of my first-born, having experienced a decade here, teenage hormones starting to bubble to the surface, but still so innocent and loving …. and taken at a place that my grandmother would have quietly marvelled over, and some are taken on a quilt that was crafted by my Grandmother, from materials preceding my creation: my mothers old outfits, some of her school uniform, bits from around the old house. Tiny pieces of memory beautifully sewn together and now enjoyed 4 generations later. It is a special thing.

Time passes quickly so take the time to enjoy those around you. They will not always be here. Enjoy what you have. It can be taken away. Love those who deserve your love. They will grow from it. Love those that don’t. They too will be all the better for it and so will you. Be grateful, be kind … you may never know people’s full story. LOOK AFTER YOURSELF. We all have a tale to be told… make sure it’s a good one and worthy of passing on. Live well.

Mother’s Day is more than just celebrating your mum, it’s about celebrating all mums’ so if you have not nominated a really deserving mum for my full photography session plus image, and hair, makeup, nails, I would love it if you could do so below or share the link. Also my Mother’s Day special details are below.





Nominate a mumMother's-Day-2014-largeMum's Moment Adelaide

Mum’s Moment Adelaide Photography and Pampering Session Giveaway

Mum's Moment Adelaide

After launching my mum’s moment project last weeks I’ve been getting some emails nominating some truly brave women. It’s going to be so difficult to pick someone for the photography session. There are so many deserving women and mum’s giving it all for their families.

Hearing these stories gives a profound perspective on hardship. I spent last month frustrated with computer problems and feeling like there just weren’t enough hours in the day for work, kids, housework, etc, the stuff lots of us juggle on a daily basis. But WOW, other people’s stories can instantly remind you to not sweat the small stuff. That those small hurdles we face are nothing by comparison. Living in the moment is where it’s at and being grateful for what we do have. Say for example the health of your children..

I’d like to introduce Hayley who has been nominated by her sister and best friend Tammy. Hayley has two children Kai (4) and Dahlia (6) who are both suffering from cystic fibrosis. That’s right, not one but both of her kids. This year alone Hayley has already spent over 50 days in hospital with both children dealing with illnesses related to their cystic fibrosis.

For those not sure what the condition is the Cystic Fibrosis Federation Australia offers this information:

“Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is the most common, genetically acquired, life-shortening chronic illness affecting young Australians today.  It primarily affects the lungs and the digestive system, however, it also affects a number of other organs and systems. Complications increase with age, requiring ever increasing levels of (self) care and support. On average one in 25 people carry the CF gene (most of whom are unaware they are carriers). There is currently no cure. People with CF develop an abnormal amount of excessively thick and sticky mucus within the lungs, airways and the digestive system. The mucus causes impairment of the digestive functions of the pancreas and traps bacteria in the lungs resulting in recurrent infections which lead to irreversible damage. Lung failure is the major cause of death for someone with CF. From birth, a person with CF undergoes constant medical treatments and physiotherapy. In Australia, one in 2,500 babies are born with CF, that’s one every four day.

Management and treatment of CF is lifelong, ongoing and relentless. A person with CF may consume up to 40 capsules daily to help digest food and may need to do up to three hours of airway clearance each day.

Treatment generally involves:

  • Intensive daily physiotherapy to clear the lungs
  • Enzyme replacement capsules with food to aid digestion
  • Antibiotic therapy to treat lung infections
  • Aerosol mist inhalations via a nebuliser to help open the airways
  • Salt and vitamin supplements
  • A nutritious, high calorie, high salt, high fat diet
  • Exercise – important to help clear the airways and build core strength”

Often Hayley’s children require hospitalisation at separate times meaning that not only does Hayley have to worry about her ill child but she has to spend a huge amount of time away from the other and misses out on events we take for granted like being there when our children receive awards, start kindy, etc. I can only imagine there has been a few birthdays and christmas’ spent at the hospital too.

Every day Hayley’s day is a myriad of treatments, medications & appointments for the children and with both Dahlia and Kai requiring physio once or twice a day which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour per child. With that type of schedule there would be little time left for mum. Hayley obviously has huge support from her sister Tammy, who thinks Hayley “takes it all in her stride, and could do with some pampering”. Tammy, thank you so much for sharing Hayley’s story. I’m truly astounded by the resilience and strength people show when they are thrown these types of challenges.

You can find out more about Cystic Fibrosis at http://www.cysticfibrosis.org.au

If you know somebody who deserves to be nominated you can do that below:

Mother’s Day 2014 Photography Sessions [Adelaide]

Mother’s Day is coming up. If you would like to have a session or perhaps give a session as a present now is your chance. I’m offering a special price for bookings made before 11th May 2014 (actual session can be done at a later date). Gift vouchers are also available for those wanting to give the session as a gift.Mother's-Day-2014-large


Mother’s Day Photography and Pamper Session Giveaway – Mum’s Moment [Adelaide]

Free Adelaide Photography session give-away - Mum's MomentKnow a mum who could really do with some good luck coming her way? Somebody who deserves to win a full photography session plus images … and hair, makeup and nails for the shoot? Nominate her here:

Mum’s Moment Photo Session Project

Mum's-momentBeing a woman and a mum is amazing and I wouldn’t change it. I know how lucky I am to have three beautiful children but it’s also completely consuming, exhausting and non-stop, and that’s on a good day. No matter how “done” I am with a particular day, I still go to bed each night grateful for my family’s health, the roof over our heads and that I get to read my kids stories and kiss them good night. I am unbelievably thankful for this. I am more thankful because I know not everybody has this. I know women who have suffered unimaginable loss, brave mothers who have had to say goodbye to precious children, and ones that are fighting their own battles with illness. Over the years I have lost some women close to my heart. One a favourite aunt and another a beautiful woman who was both my mother’s best friend and the mother to one of my best friends. Both women left this world far too soon. I know women who are survivors but who’ve had experiences that have changed their lives forever. Unfortunately we all seem to have been touched by loss and hard-fought battles in some way.

This got me thinking about how special photos are: To remember the goods times and loved ones, to help cherish the time now, as reminders of what we DO have, to tell the stories of our lives.  And lo and behold here I am a photographer, a mum and someone who wants to see a deserving soul get the opportunity to have some of these special photos. I want to give a mum that moment. A break from the day to day and something for her and her family to cherish at the end of it.

So in the lead up to this mother’s day some gorgeous ladies and I will be celebrating mum’s by giving one a makeover and full photo session but I also want to be able to share her story. I want to give this gift to a special women who deserves not only a treat but who could do with a special moment to hold onto right now. A mum that is doing it tough. So nominate a friend, sister, mother, daughter, girlfriend, wife by using the form below and tell me why this mum could do with a photography session.

She will get a full photography session at an Adelaide location of her choice either just for her or with family… or friends. She will also get an image package, plus to add a bit of sparkle, mum can also get her hair styled, nails done and professional makeup for the shoot. I have in-listed the help of some awesome fellow mums, Sheridan Gordon Nail and Beauty Consultant, Jacki’s Hairdressing and Endless Beauty by Collette. With their generosity our mum can enjoy some pampering followed by a relaxed fun photo shoot. The entire package represents over $750 in value.

To nominate a deserving mum submit their story to me using the form below or email me at kellidphotography@hotmail.com along with your name and contact details and with your nominated mum’s name, phone number and email address and of course tell me her story and why you thinking she could do with a treat. I will be sharing many of these stories on my website [kellidphotos.com] and then one mum will be chosen as the recipient of the photo session and featured on my blog.

Please make sure your nominated mum is happy to be featured and have her photographs on my website and will be available to have the session in May/June 2014. If the person you are nominating does not need or want any or all of the nail and beauty it is absolutely her choice. I appreciate that not everybody is able or will want this option. Both you and your nominated mum will be advised by email if they have been chosen to receive the photo session package on the 15th May. Thank you for taking the time to share these stories. If you would like to receive my emails regarding this project, my blog and specials I run please join my VIP list here [join now] – you could also win a mini session for yourself.

Mother's Day mum's moment project