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Teen Session Clothing Tips

What to wear for a teen photography session

Arris okamet 500 for weight loss This is the fun part! We will talk through styles and the look you’re after in the lead up to the session. You can have a look at my Pinterest board for inspiration and share one with me. On the day I suggest bringing several outfits, and we’ll work through together selecting the best ones for your session. I want this to be a great experience and really capture your style, whatever that might be, so bringing accessories (hats, jewellery, scarves, sports equipment, etc) can really add to the images and make sure we make it your own.

Clothing Tips

casinò canale italia puntate Mercedes I recommend staying away from clothing with high contrast between items. For example, a black shirt with a white skirt. When viewing images it pulls the eye away from your face, which should be the main focus. Pairing lights with lights, and darks with darks is a good rule of thumb.

the wizard of oz app Kālol For the same reasons avoiding logos, stripes and bold patterns is a good rule, unless it’s part of the feel you want to convey in the photos. Be conscious of parts of your body that are not your favourite.

casino canale italia video Llaillay If you are uncomfortable with the way your upper arms look, for example, avoid sleeveless and strapless tops and dresses as they will make your arms appear larger. Bring a variety of outfits to show all your looks.

https://www.napkut.hu/osszes-konyv/konyvek/hetvari-and581-a-kert5712jrikaja-detail Make sure you bring all the items necessary for the overall style you are after. So throw in scarves, hats, jewellery, bags, etc. Anything we can play with a try some different photos for you.

https://www.hcancerbarretos.com.br/home-iep/posgraduacao/calendario-posgraduacao/icals.icalevent/-?template=component&evid=3263&icf=1 Group your outfits together on clothes hangers. Clothing in a bag or laid over your arms will become wrinkled, and will not look good in your portraits. Try to keep items looking as fresh and wrinkle free as possible.

It’s always a good idea to bring long-sleeved options even when being photographed in the summer.

Be aware that glasses will produce glare in photos. If you would like your photos to be on during the session if would be best to arrange a pair that do not have lenses in.

TANNING – A little colour is good but don’t over do it. Tan lines are not a good look so if you have them, try to avoid outfits that show them. Too much color will make you appear larger in your portraits (especially in your face) as the color removes the highlights and shadows from your skin.

Fingernails do show so try to make sure they are neat and clean for the session. If you can squeeze in a manicure even better.

Obviously rules are made to be broken so if the clothes and look goes with the type of session and images you are after then ignore the rules ….. this is your session after all. You can wear what you like!

Finally, if you have any concerns, questions or just want to fire through a picture of your outfits for a second (or third) opinion feel free. Either email contact@kellidphotography.com.au or call 0405 120 525. To download this information click on the link below:

Fashion tips for teen photography

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