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Teen photography sessionThis time of life is pretty crazy. It can be freaking awesome, super crappy and sometimes all in the same hour. It’s a time for experimenting, growing independence and you literally have it all ahead of you which can be equally exciting and daunting.  You have the foundations of your own empire – friends and family, you’re starting to find your direction, your purpose, your style, your YOU. It’s not always easy, infact being a teenager can be pretty average sometimes but having ‘been there done that’ I know it gets easier and I wish I could have told my teen self that. I wish I had realised that I was fine as I was, being able to see myself through other people’s eyes and I wish I had some kick-ass photos of myself instead of the dodgy family portraits (no offence to my family).

Navigating this path is part of being a teen but I can help you see yourself the way you want to be seen. So in your dream empire what does it feel like? What wonderful version of yourself do you put out to the world?


I would love to help you shine your brightest, let you show your true beauty and feel amazing.

My photography sessions are modern and styled by you for you so you can say what you want to the world. Together we’ll put together a photo shoot that suits your look, your interests and in a location that you love. You get to play star for a day with clothing, makeup, props whatever says YOU. After the session your images will be professionally edited to enhance your look and give you images you will want to share. Whether you want a clean contemporary look or a high end fashion look we can work together to create something truly unique to you.

It’s about more than just photos. It’s about bringing out your confidence and an experience you will love.

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