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It’s 2016 – A new year, big leaps and brave new territory

Happy New Year 2016Happy New Year!

2016 – So another year begins. I’m not really into new year resolutions (possibly because I can never keep them). I think every day is a fresh page onto which you get to write your story. Every good story has twists and turns so some days it will be down right crappy others you’ll soar. That’s life right? That said, there is something mentally clearing about seeing a number 1 on your calendar. Time to take stock of the journey behind you and on what’s ahead. Twenty fifteen rocketed past me and was such a mixed bag but I am so thankful for it. It has helped to define my path and I learnt a lot about me and a huge amount about what I want for myself and for my kids. Continue Reading

Easter with the family – Bring it on!


Easter-1Okay this year is out of control. I feel like I should start planning for Christmas because it’s all coming up too quick. Nearly April, seriously? How did that happen? But one thing at a time, let the Easter festivities begin. So glad that we have a long weekend coming up and the kids are very excited about Mr E Bunny turning up soon…. or is that Mrs? (She probably does all the ground work right?) I managed to refrain from eating hot cross buns until last week (didn’t want to peak too soon) despite those tasty little carb bombs being available since pretty much Boxing Day. Surprised they are not marketing them for valentines with hearts instead of crosses. Any hoo, I’m making up for lost time now. Lookout waistline, you have been warned.


Along with gorging on hot cross buns and chocolate I intend on embarking on a project I have wanted to do for a while, which involves working through a list of photographic ideas. It’s a long list and it will take probably all year but hopefully it will be a learning curve and get the creative ideas flowing too.  A lot on the list are everyday things I do with the kids but I want to be able to remember all these fleeting moments, and will no doubt end up with some great material for their 21st birthdays too. I even have to dust of the tripod and get in front of the camera for a change (yikes!).

Easter-3For those that don’t stalk your children with a camera like I do I encourage you to take some time out this Easter to snap some pics. You don’t have to have a fancy camera and they don’t have to be something you’d put up on the wall but I’d love to think that you all get to capture some great family moments that will give you some fond/warm/hilarious/snort milk out your nose  laughing memories down the track. I’m all about light and a pretty backdrop but you don’t get milk snorters that way. Don’t wait for the perfect setting or you might miss your chance. Just pick up a camera and shoot.

Drive safely, be kind to each other, get a sleep in, enjoy some Easter treats and soak up some extra time with your families.


Easter-6 Easter-4 Easter