A bit about me? Sure thing. I’m a mother of three. My family are my constant source of joy, frustration and amazement and I have no idea what I did with my time before they all arrived, as they keep life pretty darn busy. I’m based in the Southern suburbs of Adelaide which suits me as I’m a huge beach lover.


npr dating story I’ve always had a thing for photography but when my first born arrived (over 11 years ago) I became pretty relentless with my camera and it only grew from there. So with a bit of study and a lot of self teaching I turned my passion into a business and I love it. I get such a buzz out of being a photographer and producing something beautiful. I love being able to capture a real moment, a laugh, a look, an expression, something special that my clients can hold onto and share. I work with natural light so I love the flexibility of shooting on-location. It means you can have a session at a place that has special meaning to you which adds a whole new element and keeps the sessions fresh and exciting for me.

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http://www.iclonerevolution.com/mamon/5889 I love the whole process of photography. Ok admittedly I don’t love the paperwork side, but, I love to continually be able to learn. I adore being able to interact with people, the session, right through to the editing. Looking at the images and getting that thrill that you’ve nailed that shot and produced something beautiful. An image that shows my client at their best and something they will be proud of. I want my clients to get those images and think “damn! I look good”, or maybe “geez, I make cute kids”. I get very excited about being able to make people feel good about themselves.

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singles stuttgart УМ50 This lead me in particular to the Empire Sessions for teenagers and kids. People who are breaking out as adults and finding themselves and all the opportunities that exist for them. I love being able to capture this enthusiasm and positivity. When I first started photographing teens I did a session with two sisters who didn’t believe the images they were seeing on camera were themselves. Their self image was distorted by insecurity but that was not how I saw them or how the world saw them. Their uniqueness and beauty was captured in an image that they couldn’t deny. That session literally made my heart soar. To be able to give children and teens a session that truly lets them shine, express and feel good about themselves. That is something special. My sessions are about letting their best sparkle through and giving them a fun memory to hold onto. That’s why they are customised, to be as individual as each of them.

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